Monday, September 3, 2012

Carry permit class


            So recently my wife and I finally signed up for a local conceal carry class. We have been talking about doing this for a year or two but I just couldn’t see spending the cash for the permit itself. The class was no problem at $65 a person, but add that to the bribe you have to pay the state ($115) and that’s what got me. I know that doesn’t sound like much but sometimes I just have problems dropping money on things I want when there are things I need.
            Well the stars aligned and the money was there so we took a class. I decided to go with a nice store in the next county over that had a sweet indoor range. Everywhere in town had outdoor ranges and damn it has been a hot summer. So for the same price why wouldn't I.
The class was such a joke. Don’t get me wrong the instructor and facility were excellent, but the material and test were so easy I don’t know why everyone doesn’t get a carry permit. There are people out in this world I hope wont but come on if you are a law-biding citizen and want to carry a gun without getting arrested why not.
            Other than the video made by the state troopers we had to watch everything else was just ask the instructor “what if” questions and him going over the test before he passed it out. I would have to agree with the instructor when he said the state really didn’t set the bar very high to get a permit.
            The written test was unbearably easy. Where should you store you gun? A. In your child’s toy chest. B. On the kitchen table. C. In a safe place. D. On the floor. Really? All 50 questions where like that.
            There were some strange people in our class that made my wife and I a little uncomfortable. We had the little Asian guy in the back row asking if he can carry on any school and college campus… no Mr. Virginia tech no. Then the two dudes that worked together that asking if they could take pictures of each other during the shoot part of the class. They wanted to blow up the pictures and use them to threaten their coworkers. Damn people take a hint please.
            The range portion of the class was the fun part of course. Shooting fifty rounds at 3, 9, and 15 yards. You only had to get 2/3 of the shots in the human silhouette to pass. So as long as you got all the rounds on target at the first two distances you could miss all of them at 45ft. Both of us got all of ours on target with my wife shooting the target man in the armpit but hey it still counted.
            Once the class was done it was off to the DMV. Two hours in line and a hefty fee was all we had to do there. Afterwards we had to call a number to register for finger printing. We were able to get an appointment the same day and zipped on over. And that was it, all over but the waiting. Everyone said 4 weeks was the minimum wait time with it taking up to 3 months, so I was shocked as hell when two weeks later the damn thing showed up at my door. My wife was pissed hers didn’t come but was happy when it showed up the next day.
 Now if they are anything like a drivers license, the day and month on the expiration date is also the day it was printed. So if I go off that it only took a week to be approved and another week for them to mail it to me (Damn pencil pushing bureaucrats). My best guess why it only took two weeks is because I had a very extensive background check to work where I’m at now so maybe that helped push it through, I don’t know but hey I’m not complaining.

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