Friday, August 19, 2011

one weekend in hell

                As the work week winds to a close and the realization of having two whole days off to be free of work sets in, I find myself, as most people, wondering what will become of the weekend. Though I do not know what the future holds or what is in store, I can make plans and hope they pan out as expected. Though no weekend is the same sometimes they may have the same goals and expectations as the ones that preceded it.
                Take last weekend for example. One week ago my wife and I had made plans to have a drama free weekend. Following several weeks of on the move, alcohol fueled, and sleep deprived fun, we were ready for a quite two days to relax and rest. Our plans were to do absolutely as little as possible, aside from going to the gun range on Saturday.
                Friday started well, after arriving home from work and prepared dinner, the evening was going as planned. Staying in and far way from the call of all things alcohol we settled in to chill and watch some T.V.  Around 12:30 when the soft and welcoming bed was calling our name there came a pounding at the door. Knowing full well that no one was expected, I glanced out the door window hoping it was just our drunk neighbor looking for someone to talk to while he smoked. What I saw out the window got the adrenalin pumping.  Outside were two wild eyed men, whom I’ve never seen before in my life, beating on the door.  Without grabbing my loaded pistol or 12 gauge, only armed with a folding pocket knife, I opened the door ready for I fight. As the door opened the two men stepped back and both yelled almost in unison “there is a fire!” and pointed to the bushes.  Sure enough the plastic coffee can I had been tossing cigarette butts into had ignited and was spewing two foot tall flames. With a quick splash of water the flames were extinguished, and the two men walked back to where they came from. Thankful to not have been another victim of a home invasion or have to watch my home burn down, I was ready to call it a night.
                Saturday was going to be better.  The trip to the gun range was a great way to get rid of stress. All was well until a couple of wanna be thugs showed up with some pretty interesting weapons and extended thirty round mags. The pistol one of them had has only one purpose and that is to intimidate. He showed everyone around that he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from ten feet away, even with thirty bullets at his disposal.  But he did have one thing covered and that was his total disregard for everyone’s safety. Not watching what he was doing got him an ear full from the guy next to him. But I would have done the same if I turned to see someone pointing a gun loaded or not at my teenage son. Carelessness kills man get a clue.
                Saturday night started well, nothing planned, no obligations to fulfill. Around bed time we could hear some very loud people outside so we went to smoke and investigate. We were treated to a pretty good show. Apparently the people a few apartments down from us had thrown a party which was coming to an end when everyone’s favorite drunk girl was outside making an ass of herself. There is always one at every party, you know her well, hell she may even be you. The one girl who always drinks way too much and thinks everyone hates her and makes a big scene.  She may have been right, I didn’t even know her and I hated her. But she was fun to watch, after a few minutes of trying to consol her several of the party goers came over to talk to us, apologizing for the their idiot friend. We told them it was fine and we enjoyed the laugh at someone else’s expense. The crazy girls’ boyfriend shows up about this time, speeding down the street and almost taking out a parked car. He got out and had to carry her to the car all the while trying to start fights with anyone would said anything to the two. As this scene comes to a close my only wish now is that we can go to bed and forget this weekend ever happened, but it’s not over yet.
Once nicely tucked under the covers and sleep starting to set in I hear knocking on the walls. This continues for several minutes before I finally get up to go tell the drunken guy next door that 2:30 in the morning is no time to hang pictures. Once outside I see some guy beating on the neighbors door trying to get in. I ask him what the hell is going on and can only laugh when he tells me what happened. The man trying to no avail to break into my friend’s apartment was visiting from Kentucky. They had decided to hit the clubs and have some fun. Upon arriving home my neighbor went inside, while his friend stayed outside to talk to someone, locked the door and passed out on the couch totally forgetting his buddy was there. After several more attempts to wake the sleeping drunk he gave up and climbed into the bed of his friends’ truck to sleep the night away.
                Sunday was uneventful and we were very glad for this. After that weekend it was plane to see that no matter how much you try to avoid drama and alcohol, it always seems to find you. God I only wish this weekend will be better and have far less drama.

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