Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WTF Chick Fil A

Ok... can i not eat a Chick-fil-a sandwich without being a gay hater or bigot? i mean come on, they make a damn good chicken meal. McDonalds chicken sandwiches are just garbage, and Burger King's are laughable. I wouldn't care if they slaughtered each chicken in the back room during a satanic ritual while burning kittens and kicking puppies. Its still the best sandwich out there! And since when did we live in a third world arab country where you can't say what you want. people get their damn heads cut off on al jazeera with dull spoons for saying less than what the chick fil a prez said. now im not pro this or pro that when it comes to gay marriage, i could care  less, do what you want. im just gonna eat some chick fil a and not read too deep into it. om mom mom mom

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